This year's Anime Central was one of the most successful on record. With guests such as: Yoshitoshi Abe, Range Murata, and Shin Nagasawa it was bound to be a hit. Despite the last-minute construction in the hotel [which was only alerted to us approximately one week before the convention] the con had numbers that well exceeded last year's [2000]ACEN. There were new activities as well as new panels this year and next year is going to be all the better.
     I manned one of many video rooms as a technician and video programmer. I have heard of some negative reviews of the variety and lack of cutting edge new series' and movies, but from my perspective there was a hard-hitting and solid base of programming for the video rooms. I myself showed Orphen and Niea_7 neither of which have hit shelves here in the U.S. I must say that being in those rooms for the amounts of time that I was, was indeed a test of my willpower.. holding out from the fanboy funk was a challenging endeavor. I was well equipped with room fresheners... lord knows I needed them!
- [tac.bomber.dbs]


the leader of A/V services and co-chair sits and contemplates why I felt it neccessary to take pictures. my only explanation is: '...that information is non-disclosable...' it goes with-out saying that my left eye was never so puffy and sore.
here is the infamous mahmood. dark and calc-ulative, it is very difficult to read this chara-cter. although he did make sure that i ate well. maybe the truth of this man is better left unk-own? if anyone can be of any assistance please let me know.


after 48 hours of managing the video progr-amming schedule, nunez decides that mafia life may better suit him. he will bust yer legs if'n you don't watch it.
things go terrible awry in the AV-ops room, they obviously do not know how to look pretty for a picture. this is prior to 48 hours with no sleep, imagine them after that... I had to deal with it.
[missmonster] attacks the imported anime books, there were no survivors. the majority of our free time was spent milling through the dealer's rooms searching for 'just that right item'. much money was spent.
hugh contemplates how to wash the fanboy blood from his hands after the big A/V jig. con-sidering all the hauling and setting up he did, it is my opinion that we got off easy with only fanboy blood being spilt.
.: !poor souls beware! :.


laced with everclear, this here inconspicuous watermelon caused many folks to act fanatical. i guess they cannot be blamed, afterall, it did taste like burning. in the water jug, are the remnants of the apple pie drink that messed up many an A/V Servicer.
mechagojira [left] was an amazing cosplayer. the puffy gojira next to him was entertaining as welll though. mecha-gojira got up on stage and broke it out with the robot dance, what more could we ask for? mecha-gojira was interspectacular and receives [1st.place]


not a favorite by most of the judges nor many of the audience members, Gim, Parn, and Slain from Record of Lodoss War made for a great show. The costumes these guys made out of common materials blew my mind and made me respect cosplay even more. Congrats chaps, you derserve [2nd.place]
this group of girls had many reasons to be in the top three. first off, i saw them practicing on the 14th floor for practice. second, they all had nice costumes well fabricated and you could actually tell who they were supposed to be. lastly, they were performing escaflowne which grants them [3rd.place]
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