Penrith 269 High Street Penrith, NSW, 2750 02 4722 8640. Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RXS Golf Balls 4.7 out of 5 stars 142. Unregistered; 62 4,280 posts; Feedback. We tweaked the presentation a bit to try and alleviate some of the confusion between what we call our quality metrics (balls that are bad under our definitions) and our consistency metrics (the similarity between balls in the sample). This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), PXG 0811 GEN4 Drivers (X, XT and XF) on USGA List, Callaway Epic Speed, Epic Max and Epic Max LS Drivers. This used golf ball is designed to fit golfers with low handicaps and high swing speeds. Finally, we’ll give you the True Price – how much it costs to get a dozen good golf balls. Irrelevant for most players. Next. Sign up. REINVENTED. or any other brand for that matter. DID YOU KNOW: If only 1% of MyGolfSpy readers donated $25, we would be able to become completely independent in 12-months. Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXS Golf Balls, White (One Dozen) 4.8 out of 5 stars 462. Callaway, Bridgestone, and Taylormade all have USGA designations of L-M for their tour balls. As is typical of three-piece construction, the core is large and makes up the majority of the ball’s diameter. That said, the “True Price” is a great tool for us consumers to determine what a dozen of a given ball really costs us in comparison to other balls in the category. Great overview of ball quality, yet more informative for manufacturers than golfers perhaps….. $34.84 $ 34. Almost all the balls on tour are in the 95-110 compression range. Yeah, after being cut in half balls usually perform about half as good as they used to. I have become a cutter because of your info and have been amazed at what I see. Reply to this topic ; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Especially in the core concentricity testing, would be really curious to see the differences between good and bad balls! Great write-up as always Tony! Share Followers 0. I did find the RX models to have a bit more jump and a little less check spin. From what I understand they are not available retail. He would never use some of the ones I got. There is also a point at which the speed lost to compression can be compensated for with higher launch and lower spin. Would be really curious to see actualy images of what the difference between a “good” and “bad” ball are, especially in the core concentricity category! I don’t care if it’s Tiger’s ball or Joe Six Pack’s ball as long as it gives me Distance and control. I think the true compression rating you are using is most informative. I can not wait for the Snell MTB & MTB-X along with hopefully the new vice balls. With the tools we’re using for Ball Lab measurements we’re typically within a few compression points of the manufacturer stated compression. Bridgestone has reinvented the Tour B RX to feature a new REACTIV cover technology. But, I think I hit the Titleist ball father than Srixon. None of the ball tested exceeded the USGA weight limit. Is there any opportunity for adding visuals of some of the issues/imperfections that are mentioned in testing, either within the format or a companion piece/forum section? Nützlich. To that end, some measure of concentricity issues were visible in several balls within our sample. The 2019 ball test showed Bridgestone B XS at 102.9 on compression and your ball lab specs list it now at 86. Until now you had to choose more distance or more spin. Medium firm to firm I would think is too hard for him. Perfekt. Create New Account. I’m not “married” to any single ball; given the many models that come out every year, I’m always looking for one that’ll give me some incremental advantage, whether off the tear on the green. Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RX Golf Balls 4.7 out of 5 stars 221. The same is true in the ionomer space. 2020 Bridgestone Tour BXS vs 2019 TaylorMade TP5 2020 Bridgestone Tour BXS vs 2019 TaylorMade TP5. Painting with broad strokes, it’s +/- 80MPH swing speed (depending on quality of contact) where it’s reasonable to say that speed difference between high and low compression is so negligible that it won’t have any impact on speed. When are those coming? On high impact swings with a driver, the smart Urethane cover is highly resilient for increased power and distance. Meet the new Bridgestone Tour B X, the XS, the RX and the RXS. Products. Customer Reviews Displaying 1 out of 1 Reviews. Penrith 269 High Street Penrith, NSW, 2750 02 4722 8640. With REACTIV you can now get more distance and more spin out of the same golf ball. Used Bridgestone Golf Balls Bridgestone golf balls provide amazing options at all levels. Bridgestone Tour B XS Ball Review. Bridgestone Golf Men's White e12 SOFT (12-ball pack), One Size 4.7 out of 5 stars 533. Very excited to see the results for many of the DTC brands. Bridgestone also has a second ball manufacturing site outside the US in Japan. A high compression ball is going to be faster at every swing speed. Another great reason to donate to MGS! With so many options from Bridgestone in terms of golf balls, it can be confusing as to who should play what. Used Bridgestone Golf Balls. If this is so, then amateurs would be well served to know what compression ball to use for swing speeds of 70, 80, 90 mph, and so forth. Bridgestone B XS Meticulously designed for golfers who are looking to find their edge, TOUR B Golf Balls represent the most innovative and performance-oriented balls in Bridgestone history. Bridgestone B XS Meticulously designed for golfers who are looking to find their edge, TOUR B Golf Balls represent the most innovative and performance-oriented balls in Bridgestone history. All models performed around the greens like you would expect from a tour level golf ball. Tour team; Find my ball; Partner Links; Help. Consistency (of weight) across the sample set was also within the average range. It’s not 8 bad balls, its 8% were bad balls. I like the way you’re displaying the consistency now. Make a donation to support our independent and expert golf equipment research. Get a hole in one? Should generate a lot less confusion than the old way. 59 0 1. We have reinvented the TOUR B X to feature our new REACTIV cover technology. not so clicky. Die besten internationalen Rezensionen Übersetzen Sie alle Bewertungen auf Deutsch . Februar 2020 . On full shots, Bridgestone classifies the Tour B XS as mid-launch and high spin and it should prove to be the highest spinning ball in the current Bridgestone lineup. Bridgestone Tour BXS reviews. Feel for more birdies and distance to help you attack the course. Bridgestone has a TOUR B ball for every type of golfer, but there are key performance benefits common to every model. Log In. $44.99 It was a great ball (I loved it) with a lot of distance and minimal spin for great control. You can use the "Click for Carl's Price" button and see the price quickly and easily. The Bridgestone you just evaluates is the ball I play and found it much more to my liking the the chrome soft I was playing. I wouldn’t expect the quality control to be exactly the same, but I would hope for a close standard for people who play balls such as e6 and Velocity that aspire to play the premium balls some day. Good information but why did you change the format of the way the information is presented between the Pro V1 and the Tour B XS? when judging distance metrics as well as overall ball flight. None of the balls in our sample was in jeopardy of failing the USGA Ball Track Test. Thanks for the review. Get advantage over your competition with these used Bridgestone BXS golf balls. At first I thought it was a crack, but it’s almost more like a permanent dirt line (maybe the paint coming off?). This makes the ball more aerodynamic for a better flight and more distance due to less drag. I will be super curious to see how domestic two piece balls do for us tight-wads. It was excruciating. Core coloring was exceptionally consistent across all of the samples with barely discernible differences between balls. Great Job—I love ball lab. I learn how heavy the ball is and how round and if it’s painted well. Facebook. Description. Bridgestone TOUR B XS Tiger Woods Edition Golfball, weiß - der Original Golfball, den Tiger Woods in Wettbewerben verwendet. With REACTIV you can now get more distance and more spin out of the same golf ball. It’s strongly correlated to compression – especially within categories (a high compression tour ball is going to be faster (and typically longer) than a low compression tour ball). Can you imagine buying golf clubs that are only 92% defect free (12.88)….oh wait, did I just give MGS another project? I’m not saying which is better, only that you should have a consistent template for how the information is presented. I would really be interested in if there’s truly an advantage using it over the 2018 version bc if the reactive cover doesn’t boost spin and distance like they say I’ll stay with the previous version and save some money.

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