home of the greatest animation house in history. led by john kricfalusi [creator of ren & stimpy], spumco continues to push the absurd edge of animation to the brink of insanity. there is absolutely nothing comparable to this work.
one of the greatest and most bizarre web animation houses around. these folks really know how to raise eyebrows and cause involuntary head shaking. check out their odd collection of 'toons, if you think you can handle it.
icebox is a former animation hosting site, which was the forerunner in the web animation industry. now icebox shows all the old episodes of their great series' as well as hosting a few new independent works.
itoons is an amazing group of some the best writers & artists in the industry which used to include [tac.bomber.dbs]. itoons has worked with nickelodeon and many other big names so check it out.
redchainsaws is the best web cam site in existence. [tac.bomber.dbs] has made many appearances here. the site is headed up by [red] of redchainsaws, so [ch3cki7].
missmonster.com is a gallery of artwork by a very special friend of [de.la.media] the works on the site are some of the best character design and illustration in existence.
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