New Orleans was a beautifully complex town. We stayed in a hostel named, 'The Longpre Guest House' [I highly reccomend this place]. The Longpre Guest House offers a great price and also is located away from all the annoying hubbub of Bourbon Street. For more info check here: [hostels.com] It was nice being in the outskirts of the Garden District and was only one block from the historic and charming railcar that runs down St. Charles Ave.
     The obvious 'place to go' was the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. What I did not realize is that Bourbon Street was as hedonistic and tourist-oriented as it is. I almost felt stupid that I did not expect it from day one. Bourbon Street is full of strip clubs and stupid shallow people drinking and acting like fools. Good old [Nob.Norris] concurred that it was a bad place to be. Not all of Bourbon Street is so ruthlessly vulgar... but for the most part we stayed away from it. The rest of the French Quarter was interesting and fun, it is full of great restaurants and some of the best food I have ever had. Every night we stopped somewhere different to get gumbo or jambalaya.
     However my favorite places to go were outside of the general tourist guidlines. Out past Esplanade down on Frenchmen there was a cluster of interesting and quality music clubs. The best of which being the Tin Room, where each night the venerable owner and jazz musician Jack Mahieu plays nightly with his band. Also down that way were D.B.A [an indie club], The Brazil Room [Carribean music], and the Spotted Salmon [an odd mix of folk and jazz]. One of the highlights of the trip was our voyage out to the opposite edge of the Garden District to the Maple Leaf. The Maple Leaf is a club in which some of the most unique and real music I have ever heard is played. If you want an authentic 'taste' of New Orleans, I recommend you go to it.
     Last but certainly not least were my two personal favorite restaurants in New Orleans: The Camilia Grill and Samuel's. The Camilia Grill is a family owned grill with an open cooking area and diner stool seating all throughout the restaurant. The man with the plan Marvin will greet you with props and get you the most fluffy and amazingly good omelette on earth. A must for any tip to NOLA. Samuel's is a great restaurant where they serve very authentic cajun style dishes. [nob.norris] ate gumbo every time he ordered food there. but while their gumbo was the best i have ever had, I also took the risk of trying boiled crawfish. now while the taste of the beasts is not so tasty as the other dishes such as gumbo or jambalaya, they make it all up in the process of consumption. There is just something to be said about tearing an animal in half and sucking down the juices inside.
- [tac.bomber.dbs]


A very unique and good example of the feel of New Orleans' architecture.
Jackson Park, down in the heart of the French Quarter.


The home of Anne Rice. It was an honor to see it.
Longpre Guest House, where [tac]+[nob] stayed.
The church at Jackson Square again the heart of French Quarter.
the home of the infamous Trent Reznor of NIN.


Out in the bayou...
Deeper into the bayou...


Where the dead rest and bake in the sun.
The textures in this place are phenominal.


I hope I get to cook to ash in one of these some day... hear that mom?
The charming St. Charles railcar... where we met Vanessa... *sigh*


"These two fools will stop at nothing short of perfection." - Ed Gein
Nob showing off his 'Kung Fu Style' to a 14 yr. old girl on the plane.
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